Tesla Motors and the electrical infrastructure

Looking at the electrical cars they came up with, Tesla Motors is doing a great job. Hopefully in the future this kind of technology would eliminate most of the greenhouse gases emissions due to road transportation.

Even if there’s actually a boom of customers for the next Tesla Model 3, a critical problem persists. The infrastructure of electrical charging points. Is there any real infrastructure able to guarantee the access to large number of cars?

Based on what can be found on Tesla Motors website, after charging the batteries for 30 minutes you get:

  • Home 11 kW -27 km
  • Chademo 50 kW – 137 km
  • Supercharger 120 kW -270 km

By improving the power there is a reduction of the recharging time. However even this way if there’s a need to charge the batteries of 10 cars, unless your electric station has a very high available power, it will prove to be quite difficult to do in short time.

So, the real news here is not Tesla launching a new car model. They actually plan to expand their charge stations based on Supercharger technology. This will be part of the infrastructure that will allow and easy expansion of electric cars on the market.

Now… non everyone has 11 kW Home power, and cars still cost a lot. The huge demand of electricity, imagining all cars will be electric,  will bring a rise of prices for electrical power. So there’s still much to be done.