AI and the market trends

Lately the AI, artificial intelligence, is becoming an increasingly important argument for many reasons. Most people are afraid that machines will overcome the humans and take control of the planet. But let’s just make clear this is not the case, or at least it will not happen this century.

Let’s also make clear that we didn’t invented yet any real AI, if we are reffering to the artificial intelligence as self aware algorithm. The AI we are speaking about is based on a deterministic mechanism improved by statistic data. This makes the AI behave in some kind of rational way even though it’s objectives are predetermined by a human programmer.

AI and finance are a very nice combination.
Finance is based on the exact principle the AI was implemented to work on. Analize data and build multiple models, choose the best option at any time based on the evolution of the situation. Allow it to control huge investments and it will non only be able to generate models but determine the effective evolution of the market itself.