The passion. Why not building a drone?

Drones have seen a quick development in the last decade. Many are already commercialized like any other technological toy of our days. As prices get lower and lower, they spread around the world sometimes creating serious concerns about their safety and possible privacy violations.

Why start to build a drone then?

The ones that can be bought are not exactly what you’re searching for. Adapt it as you want depending on the mission it has to accomplish.

Test personal skills and see how far can you go when in comes to build a drone. And why not, learn a lot of new things about robotics.

Want to start a business based on the use of such technology. Give an important aid to the human society by offering an usefull service.

Etc. Of course add many other reasons, different for each one of us…


Many would like to build their own drone. Let’s say it’s a passion. But as Mike Rowe once said Don’t follow your passion, but always bring it with you. He’s just a Tv presenter, but I found the idea quite interesting.
Well drones are not only complicated but also quite expensive due to necessary tests and failures. Make sure you have all you need and the ambition necessary to fulfill the mission before starting something you’re not able to do.



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